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October 16, 2015
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Drifter Diary 30 – Reincarnated Satay Sauce
October 17, 2015
The Buskers Guide goes Anime!
We wanted to travel – the only problem was we had no money. And as the years passed and we started to lose our looks and a bit of hair, it seemed less and less likely that an Arabian princess was going to show up and offer to take us for a ride on her carpet….
And so, on yet another long, rainy drive home from an independent shoot – a long shot, like all the others, we were discussing life, music, film and our mutual wanderlust

We understand the daily grind and to make a living out of doing what we love with film and music and as every creative knows, it's tough.

How about we start traveling and let it figure itself out on the way.

Now how do we go backpacking when neither of us have really traveled before? We already know how to live cheap.. we're actually experts at being poor.
We love filming and playing music so there must be a way we can inject a bit of those into this pot... also where do we want to go?

One idea was to film all the cool things we come across as our own travel journal, just for the hell of it. Another idea was to try to pay our way by busking – but how do we do that when we can’t sing a note between us and don’t know any songs. Getting paying gigs probably wasn’t going to happen, but we figured that doing what you enjoy is going to be better than not doing what you enjoy just for the dollarydoos.

We did our research and discovered that although travel blogs were a dime a dozen, there was hardly anything specifically for backpacking musicians or buskers. We knew that we weren’t the first ones to have the idea – we even knew people who were in the middle of just such an adventure – so we found this lack of information very strange.

As usual, we thought, “Screw it.” We needed a guide to busking the world, but didn't have one; we had the ability to make a guide, but hadn’t actually played together, busked or traveled. But having no idea what we’re doing has never stopped us before.

Just like a RPG we started with a small amount of basic items in our inventory:
2 cameras, 2 laptops and bunch of old music gear.
Our XP (Experience Points) were the lowest they could be, and we decided to spend our characters’ small starting amount of attribute points on Charm and Morale, rather than Music Ability.

Everything else would be up to luck and persistence.   

We then combined all the money we had, putting $2000 into a joint bank account and the rest, $100 in coins, into an old pickle jar, and hit the Start button. Just like that, The Buskers Guide began.

The Buskers Guide is an ever-expanding website with vlog diary entries documenting our experiences as we busk our way around the world. It is a compilation of all of the tips, tricks and hacks we pick up along the way, making it an excellent resource for the budget backpacker, creative traveller and even the buskers playing at home.

We want to level up and send the achievements your way!

The Main Quest is to successfully Busk around the world with no defined path and create a first-person creative travel guide on all the places we visit.  We didn’t Google the ‘Cheats' or 'Walk Throughs’ for this Quest – the average busker or backpacker cannot get their travels sponsored or crowdfunded, so neither will we. We started with no money and it seems we are going to stay that way whether we like it or not. 

We fund our exploits by hitting the streets, markets and cafes and getting by any way we can. We have made videos for cafes, hostels and tour groups in exchange for free food or accommodation, and will happily trade our time for just about anything and of course Busking our ass’s off.

  When we aren’t busking, we spend our time trying to juggle filming, editing, writing, recording, doing interviews, keeping the website up to date, making film clips, updating social media, playing gigs and filmingother buskers. Then there are the added challenges of trying to maintain a balanced diet and finding somewhere to sleep each night without strangling each other.

There are times when we rock up into a new town, know no one, can’t afford a hostel and are sitting in the car hungry and with no idea what to do next.
There are other, more trying, times when busk our asses off, gaining heaps of Music XP, but our coin purse stays bone dry. It can be rough when we don’t earn enough for the car parking ticket let alone enough for a bunch of groceries or fuel – and then there are the important items we need to keep our busking and camera gear operational!

The Buskers Guide is a very new project and one that is quickly gaining momentum – in fact we have had so much success doing this we made friends with Australia’s best hostel chain, Nomad’s World, where buskers can apply to play to stay by visiting [email protected] – how fricking cool is that?!

BUT this project isn’t all about us: its bigger than us, we want to provide new pathways for local and travelling musicians, street performers, bands, artists and the common goon guzzler backpacker. We want to start a conversation that will inspire people – whether it’s to strap on a pair boots and explore the world, hit up some gigs, get involved in the arts scene, or even just work up the courage to have a busk.  

We’re always happy to pay it forward and help a brother or sister out, too, so if you are an independent musician and want to get your stuff out there, send it to us and we’ll play it on the show with a credit and link to your page. We always need new music and want to support unsigned and independent artists.

The Buskers Guide will do its best to fill you in on good busking spots and how to eat, sleep and travel on the cheap. We will also discuss fun things to do, cheap and free all the way – basically, anything that might be of interest to fellow drifters, backpackers, traveling artists and broke-arse musicians like us. Of course, we won’t always be able to find out everything about every area and this is where the other players come in.
It doesn’t matter if you are playing from home or out on your own similar quest – if you know something that might benefit our fellow travelers, give us the low-down and we’ll try our best to follow it up and reveal the massive map for everyone to enjoy.

So if you see us on the streets and want to share your travel stories and tips with us for the series, or if you’d like to show us around, offer us a couch to crash on, play a show, make a video, plug in and busk with us or start your own “choose your own adventure”, we’d love to hear from you.

You can contact us at [email protected]

or individually

Josh - [email protected]

George - [email protected]

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