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March 1, 2016
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March 21, 2016
Brisbane Landscape

Brisbane Permits

No Permit Required!

You can busk wherever you like in Brisbane, except in the Queen Street Mall, Reddacliff Place, The Valley malls, and South Bank….which are the best spots. Good on Brisbane for letting us busk permit free even if the streets are quite limited.
If you want to busk in the Queen Street Mall, Reddacliff Place, or the Valley malls you must first gain a busking licence. Busking licences are only granted after a formal audition process through Brisbane City Council. For information on audition times and to apply, please visit the Brisbane City Council Website
Apply Online

Short term permit
This applies to interstate or international performers who are in Brisbane for a short period of time (up to three months) and wanting to busk in the precinct.

Special short term permit
This applies to interstate or international performers who are in Brisbane for a short period of time (up to three months) and wanting to busk in the precinct using high risk elements in their performance such as ladders, fire, juggling knives, unicycles, balancing acts and so forth. Performing with whips is not permitted. For special permits a copy of Public Liability Insurance for a minimum of $20 million Australian dollars is required. An exclusion zone must be set around the performance area with rope.

Annual Permits
Annual busking permits are issued once year

Busking Locations

Eat Street Markets
Food glorious food, we busked here 3 times and it is a jackpot for food, people, and good tips. Everyone is there to chill and immerse themselves in the markets. There are Stages for paid acts and opportunities to busk.
Email : [email protected] information including any videos or audio links of your performances to secure a spot.
It is a must do for buskers and musicians in the area.
Opening hours Friday - Saturday 4pm to 10pm.

West End
Pretty cool and quirky its the Fitzroy of Brisbane. Old School meets New School lots of food, vintage shops and cafes. Markets on the weekends, drinks of a nighttime its just asks for street performers.

Manly Markets
Manly waterfront, lots of food and a really chilled vibe. Jan Powers operates many other farmers markets, you should make friends with her and do them all! 6am - 12 Noon, Every 1st and 3rd Saturday

Queens St Mall
Requires the 'City Malls' permit listed above. If you’re around for a while its worth busking here, even though todays modern malls have no real culture lucky we buskers do...

The City Sounds
The City Sounds is Australia’s largest free live music program, presenting music in the Queen Street Mall, Post Office Square, and other locations around Brisbane each week. With everything from alternative and folk, to jazz and electro, The City Sounds has something for every music lover or BUSKER!
More info and apply here
Riverside Markets
A popular attraction with both locals and tourists for over 24 years, the vibrant riverside markets are held every Sunday at Brisbane's famous waterfront precinct, Eagle Street Pier. These guys run a few markets check them out here

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