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November 2, 2015
The Buskers Guide to Adelaide
December 8, 2015
My family and friends have always been very supportive of my busking. People are always sceptical of how successful busking can be, but it's always nice to kind of rub it the faces of those who ever doubt you. - Chris Gun
Where do we even start with this guy?
We met Chris back in Adelaide 2015 on our journey to the West Coast of Aus. We had just paid for our Adelaide busking permits and stopped in to grab a coffee from a local 'hole in the wall', we wagged our chins with the lovely lady Brooklyn who served us and she told us she lived with a Busker who may be interested in meeting up while we were in town. Before we knew it we were doing an interview then eating Laksa, jamming over a few brews, doobies and crashing at his pad.
The guy is a legend.
Fast forward 6 months and Chris has flown to Singapore to meet up with us for some Busking, Gigging and general shenanigans. He is currently back home in Adelaide doing the cover circuit and should be writing originals but isn't, so we're dropping him not so subtle hints to pack his shit and join us on the road full time.
What is your name, where are you from and what do you do?

My name is Chris Gun, I'm a singer and guitarist from Adelaide. I have been working as a musician full time for the past three years, two of them as a busker and the third performing in pubs around Adelaide.

How long have you been busking?

I busked for two years full time, now I only busk when I can be bothered, which isn't so often.

Where are the best places you have busked?

Rundle Mall in Adelaide was my main stomping ground during my busking days. I also did pretty well down at Glenelg, that is when I was able to dodge the council man coming to kick me out for using an amplifier.

What gear do you use when busking?

I use my acoustic guitar and run that and a mic through an AER compact mobile 60. Cost me an arms and a leg but was worth every penny.

Tell us about your best and worst busking experience?

Best busking experiences would be busking down at Glenelg in the sunset on a hot summer night. The vibe was like nothing else. My worst experiences, I couldn't really pin point a particular moment, but just those times where you can't seem to make any money, and your'e doing the exact same thing you always do. It doesn't make any sense that you can make heaps of cash one day, and then do the same thing and make nothing. It can be very frustrating.

An overall explanation of where you have been with Busking, how you would normally travel and where you would normally stay.

I've been busking interstate a few times. I did a big East Coast trip last year which was pretty fun, although I did get very sick. Living off busking can make life pretty interesting, and scary, especially when your'e job is singing and you end up getting a chest infection. I also flew over to Singapore to hang with these weirdos from The Busker Guide. That was great, but again... I got a chest infection. Perhaps I just shouldn't travel.

What do your friends and family think of you Busking?

My family and friends have always been very supportive of my busking. People are always sceptical of how successful busking can be, but it's always nice to kind of rub it the faces of those who ever doubt you. My family have always believed in my though, and I think they're relatively proud of where I am at the moment.

What have you learnt and adopted into your life musically and on a whole?

It's hard to say, when I started busking I really had nothing to lose. I was at uni studying something I didn't want to do, I had no money, very little motivation, and no chance of picking up any casual work due studying full time. Busking was a last resort to make any money. My first day I made about $100 in a couple of hours. I was stoked with that, I was expecting to make about $20 for the whole day. I never went back to uni, I just decided from then on that I was just going to busk for a while. I ended up busking for two years and loved it. I now play about 5-6 gigs a week around Adelaide and make a healthy living. The message I got out of this was that if you just put 100% of your energy into something that you love doing, then everything will work out. Even if you're not making the big bucks, you'll always be doing what you love, which is very rewarding.

What is your advice for anyone looking to busk?

Just do it, you've got nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Where can we find you online and what are you up to now?

You can like my facebook page at www.facebook.com/chrisgunmusic. I'm also on Instrgram @chrisgunmusic. These days I'm just playing cover gigs full time and talking about how badly I want to write my own music. That'll never happen, but.

Thanks Uncle Gunny, be sure to give this guy a follow and if you have any crazy experiences, good advice or just want to drop us a line, you can say g’day at [email protected]

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