Busker Interview – Kung Fu Jesus (UK)

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October 29, 2015
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Busker Interview – Kung Fu Jesus (UK)

I have a big African and reggae influence in my music as their music feels more like a celebration of how good music can make you feel instead of the doom and gloom you get a lot in the western world, especially the UK - Kung Fu Jesus
Craig Snape a.k.a Kung Fu Jesus comes from Lanark, Scotland. To say he is a singer/songwriter is an understatement as he plays all the instruments on his tracks and does all his own backing vocals. A prolific songwriter who fuses classic rock n roll with world rhythms and Beach Boy inspired harmonies, combined with prophetic lyrics covering social injustice, the field of love and spiritual ideology. Instantly catchy and uplifting.
What is your name, where are you from and what do you do?

My name is Craig Snape a.k.a Kung Fu Jesus, I am from Lanark in Scotland where William Wallace was born. I am a joiner at present but first and foremost I am a singer/songwriter and Kung Fu practitioner

How long have you been busking?

I've been playing and recording music since I was 16, playing live on and off and busking since I was 18.

Where are the best places you have busked?

I've busked all of Scotland, the best place probably being the parks in Glasgow such as Queens Park and Glasgow Green. The kids tend to get taken with the urge to dance when I play there and drive their parents crazy haha. The Royal Mile in Edinburgh can be good to play too sometimes but depends on the time of year.

What gear do you use when busking?

In the past I used a small PA with wireless mics and a foot tambourine along with my electro acoustic. This time out I will have my laptop hooked up as well for the backing tracks for my new album. But when I'm really in the mood I will follow in the footsteps of fellow Scottish busker Tom Thomson and use my sinewave generator to power my new portable behringer stereo PA in my gazebo fully kitted out with Celestial Gold and Kung Fu Jesus logos, projector screen, electro acoustic, laptop and full on show for the folks. Look forward to it!!!

Tell us about your best and worst busking experience?

My best busking experience was in Queens Park, in the space of half an hour I had about 5 kids all dancing to the rhythm and wouldn't let their parents leave. Kids are a good gauge to see if your music is any good as there is no lying in them and I brought many smiles to many faces with just an acoustic guitar and a foot tambourine. Loved it!!! The worst experience was in Glasgow Sauchiehall Street where a disgusting little man said I was the worst he ever heard. Obviously an inorganic being sent by Satan to test my patience and resolve.

An overall explanation of where you have been with Busking, how you would normally travel and where you would normally stay.

I've only really busked in Scotland and would usually stay in a hostel wherever I am if I'm that far afield, travelling by car but now it is time to try a new place to take the music, somewhere with sun, sea and sand as Scottish weather can get a bit miserable which can prove to be a problem sometimes.

What do your friends and family think of you Busking?

Some of my friends and family like the fact that I busk but when I make the switch to busk as a lifestyle like you great guys then I think their opinion will change drastically. However my dad is a musician, a trumpet player who plays regularly every weekend and always mentions a street musician he met in New Orleans and always speaks very highly of him and that he made a good living at what he did. Maybe New Orleans is a good place for you guys to head if and when you get that far. If I catch up with you let's hit that musical haven together!

What have you learnt and adopted into your life musically and on a whole?

My musicality has changed over the last coupe of years quite drastically. Don't want to go to in-depth into this but I met God and he showed me the light as far as music is concerned. My music was always melodic but quite dark at times. But now my music is as upbeat and joyful as can be celebrating life and love and all things beautiful and spiritual in the world. Music is a powerful tool to lift the spirit and bring a joyful glow to people. The rhythm is the key, my music is much more world sounding these days. I have a big African and reggae influence in my music as their music feels more like a celebration of how good music can make you feel instead of the doom and gloom you get a lot in the western world, especially the UK. Keep it upbeat and joyful and you'll see peoples mood lift right in front of you. Music is magic after all.

What is your advice for anyone looking to busk?

For anyone looking to busk, practice, be positive, hit out positive vibes, don't be scared to be different and believe in yourself!!!! Humanity needs more positive music and people like Dub FX to go show that it can be done in the street too.

Where can we find you online and what are you up to now?

You can find me at
Thanks Craig, be sure to give this guy a follow and if you have any crazy experiences, good advice or just want to drop us a line, you can say g’day at [email protected]

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