Drifter Sessions #2 – Taj Ralph ‘Yes’
June 19, 2015
Drifter Sessions #4 – Armin The Penguin ‘The Flow’
August 19, 2015

Drifter Sessions #3 – Casey Reegan ‘The Buskers Anthem’

We met Casey when we were busking in Airlie Beach.

We were perched on the steps of Nomads Airlie Beach trying to make a few dollars and he walked up gave us $20 and shouted us a few beers, after a good chat he reveals he is a busker himself and we do a small interview and hear one of his tracks, 'The Busker Anthem'.

We end up making good friends with Casey, he runs a beach party in Noosa (Drifter Diary 24) and he offered us his house the night before we did our 10 day silent meditation retreat. He is one of the coolest guys we met on the trip and we feel very lucky to have met him, the guy is a true legend.

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