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Getting Around Aus

Stranded Buskers
As you all know Australia is MASSIVE, its the worlds largest island taking up 7 692 024 km2.
It is the length of London to Moscow and could easily fit all of Europe into it with room for more beaches and goon sanctuaries.
Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth. Its interior has one of the lowest rainfalls in the world and about three-quarters of the land is arid or semi-arid so out of most of its 22 million inhabitants, 4 out of 5 live within 50kms of the coast. Aussies love their beaches and so do the tourists, if you visited one new beach in Australia every day it would take over 27 years to see them all, and 1 second for something in the water to kill ya. (this also includes outside the water, everything will kill ya).

It is a vast country, so whats the best way to get around as a drifter or busker without paying through the arse?
Buy a car
We have been driving the Drifter Wagon around and we feel independent travel is by far the best way to explore anywhere, there are usually cars for sale on post boards in Hostels also on Gumtree and local classifieds.

Buying a car usually has the biggest risk but can be the most rewarding, if you do not know what to look for when buying a 2nd hand car check out Cars Guides 10 tips.
And honeslty do yourself a favour and buy some simple tools. A hammer, flat head and phillips head screwdriver, a shifter, some pliers, coolant, oil, duct tape and a few spare fuses. (every car should come with a jack, spare tyre and tyre iron.)
If you ever get stuck this will honestly save your skin until you can get some help from a mechanic.

Google or youtube ‘common problem with insert make and model of car’ and save a copy of the page or download the video, you would rather have it and not need than be kicking yourself in the tits, sweating your bollocks off on the side of the road in a country that wants to kill you with its weather/climate and animals. (beaches are good though). Also water, have lots of water. Aldi sells portable water really cheap mmm and maybe a few tins of non perishables. (baked beans)

If you buy a 2nd hand car that is out of rego legally you aren't allowed to drive the car, but you have three months to renew the registration after it expires before the registration is cancelled. If it falls within that three-month period of grace you can simply renew it by paying the registration fee.
If it is outside that three-month period you would need to get a roadworthy certificate because you are in effect re-registering rather than renewing it. There is no difference whether you live in the city of the country. Also if your buying a car and needing to re register in another state than you will need a Blue Sip and a Pink slip. It varies from state to state so best thing to do is check out this link.

After you’re done traveling and want to sell, you can use this Bill of Sale we made to make it all Legit

Download HERE
We haven't had to hitchhike though I’m sure a time will come when The Buskers Guide makes a thumbs up and extends its arm to the road. Traveling we’ve only heard positive experiences from other backpackers, they do get the occasional crazy but from everyone we have met no one has ever felt threatened. It an be confronting getting into a strangers car/ bus/ pick up but I'm sure they're just as cautious. The Police don't really mind either, just be careful being to close to the road on a highway as they will pull you up for that if anything.
I (josh) used to hitchhike on the side of the highway to work at McDonalds at 5am in the morning. I got lots of lifts from people from my town and occasionally a truckie or someone passing through the area. We also picked up 2 LEGENDS from Tasmania who were Hitching up the West Coast of Aus.
We brought them from around Perth to Broome and these guys are so pro they just hitched a lift on a yacht sailing for 3 moths around Islands to Singapore from Darwin.
They loved it and we loved them. We also met a crazy Russian who is a doctor and hunts bears, he hitched from Russia to Vietnam. TRUE STORY

Be aware of the distances between places, the east coast is the most populated so there are little towns and places you can find refuge, food, shelter. Down south and on the west there can be big gaps between places, really big gaps. So make sure you're prepared to wait it out if you have to and have plenty of water. You can get cooked pretty easy under Australia's sun.

Here are a few sites that have some tips or links.

Hitch Wiki -
Outback Australia -
Gumtree -, just search ‘hitchhiking'.
But best of all is the old school, traditional way and thats just to get out there.
Transfercar is an online relocation service that offers free use of rental cars to travellers. In return the travellers are helping the rental car industry to relocate their cars in a cheaper way than any current relocation alternative.
The idea behind Transfercar originates from the rental car industry where the car fleet moves in one direction according to the flow of tourist. This causes logistic problems for the car rental companies as their cars tend to pile up where it is not needed.

Transfercar provides an online solution that facilitates contact between vehicle owners that need to relocate their vehicle and potential relocations drivers. The owners can submit relocations to the Transfercar database through the website. The driver can then view and request to drive a relocation car using the website, SMS text messages or by email.

Pretty cool way to travel your own path and not have to buy a car. is a ride share website that provides a method by which individuals may initiate contact with other people for the purpose of sharing transport. Meet your new best friend maybe?
JUCY is a highly popular car/ van rental company. They have the iconic green and purple rigs and they are all over Australia NZ and the USA and they have around 2,700 vehicles.
We have never really heard bad things about Jucy and the backpackers we have met seem to really enjoy having their ‘own’ space wherever they go. Just be careful of farts.
These are the guys who love a bit of controversy, they usually have slogans on the backs and sides of their vans. They are super popular so there must be a reason why. They ave a ton of options and even have tour busses for bands or groups looking to travel together.
Probably the biggest Bus company in Aus, these guys have set up an Oz Experience.

Its a flexible travel pass where you decide where you want to stop, how long you want to stop for, and seems to have a very flexible itinerary. These passes last for 6 months going between all major east coast cities, also includes USB ports and WIFI!
Biggest downside is you don’t have the same freedom as driving a car yourself. It may even be worth buying one of these and swapping between ride shares and bus trips.
At the end of the day it will always be situational how you get around big ol Oz. Best thing you can do besides research like this is talk to as many people as you can who have been here. Everyone will have different opinions from different experiences and obviously different budgets.

Where you go and how you get there can usually be pretty spontaneous. Having all of your itinerary and travel methods set before you get off the plane can change your experience in Australia quite dramatically. We live day to day, some week to week and some have every toilet break planned. Fuckin have a good one.

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