Jordan Bakker Promo Pic
Busker Interview – Jordan Bakker (Aus)
October 14, 2015
Benny Mayhem
Busker Interview – Benny Mayhem (Aus)
October 15, 2015

Nomads World + The Buskers Guide

We’re teaming up with Nomads who have just joined up with X Base to try and help musicians and street performers travel across Australia.

We're very passionate about making things easier for struggling Buskers and Musicians who are wanting to travel or tour but cannot fund such endeavours. Usually due to the obvious big costs of flights, possibly rental cars, of course the instruments, and whats a tour if there is no money left for beer?

We have worked, stayed, and played with the super cool Nomads World in the past and together we came up with a great idea.
What if you could play in return for your bed in a place that wants live music but might not always have it?
What if you could map out a tour or travel path to a list of Hostels that wants to support your travel and music lifestyle?

[email protected] is the answer
You send off an email with information about who you are, where you would like to go, and some media of your performance. We don’t want to limit this to just music, send through an email on any great skill you have that could contribute to the vibe/culture and atmosphere of the Hostel and it would most likely be well received.

The hostel gets an awesome performer and in return the artist saves a few dollars, gets to play to an international audience, makes new friends who are potential couch surfing hosts somewhere else, and of course you get to strum your stuff and promote yourself to a new audience. You will also promote each other on your social media’s so everyone wins!

We do want to point out that this is a bartering, case by case system and it is subject to availability. Every hostel is different and managed by different people so the exchange will be worked out with you and the Hostel. Woah you just became a tour manager!

So be honest and help support and nurture this new venture that could give birth to an even bigger and more beneficial exchange system between artists and companies like this one. Thanks for the opportunity Nomads, you guys rock!!! Now that have teamed up with X Base there are even more places for you to Play to Stay.
Email [email protected]
To enquire about 'Play to Stay’ at Nomads Hostels, subject to availability. Suitable for musicians with a decent set of music or street performers with something special.

Also check out the article they posted for us

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